We Research

Our experts check hundreds of offers each week to identify the ones with true value

We Recommend

We only choose the very best deals that can’t be beaten on price and quality

You Relax

Knowing you’ve got the best deal, hand-picked and negotiated by our experts

What are we trying to Achieve?

Our mission is to provide a dream travel experience for our customers with the latest in business innovation and technology. We will take you to places your dream of.

What do we do differently?

Our duty to customers will be to take out the hassles of finding great travel services. This means working after business hours to get information to a client in a different time zone on a 24/7 basis, dealing with endless program alterations either with getting a flight ticket, booking a hotel or planning the dream vacation or for the last minute business trip. We are here to ensure that your interest and values are taken into consideration and that there are tailor made products to suit your individual taste. We will guide you into making a decision that appeals to your needs with no hassles to you.

Our Customers

Our target market are individuals, families, religious or school groups and corporate organizations within and outside Nigeria who wish to have a unique experience when traveling. For FIT , Group, Business or Bleisure travelers our quality services will ensure that your journey is a memorable one and that every step of the journey is made simple and easy. It will be our pleasure to introduce anyone in need of adventure, a family getaway, honeymoon, or conference goers to certain opportunities that will leave a long lasting memory of your vacation.

Business Strategy

We want our customers to have it easy when planning and going on a trip. Our Focus is on service. We will combine local knowledge and expertise while delivering¬† ‘second to none’ service standards. Our strategy is to ensure that the customer comes first and that specific needs are provided within a short time and within the customer’s budget. Our Esteemed customers have the opportunity to get additional information and travel advise from us as we anticipate future needs. We will always protect, nurture and cultivate this mind set whilst establishing and maintaining a long term relationship with customers.